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Starting up a Project

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The purpose of this process is to answer the question, “Do we have a worthwhile and viable project?”

The project mandate is usually the only document that exists when this process starts, and this is not enough information for the Project Board to make the decision to start the Initiating a Project process (initation stage). Therefore, the purpose of this process is to provide the Project Board with the necessary information to judge if the project is worthwhile. They use the Project Brief , which will contain information on the Business Case . Another important purpose of the Starting Up a Project process is to prevent poor projects from starting up. This process should be brief; perhaps that’s where we get the name Project Brief. In fact, the aim is to do the minimum necessary just to see if it is worthwhile doing the Initiation stage.


The objectives of the Starting Up a Project process are to prepare and make sure that the following is done during and by the end of this process:

So as you can see, the Starting Up a Project process objectives are to provide the Project Board with certain information and to prepare the Initiation Stage Plan.


This is a high-level overview of the Activities:

Starting Up a Project Activities

In many companies, projects are started too quickly, as upper management needs to see that some action is taken, so the result is the creation of a poorly defined Project Product.

The following Activities are to be done in the Starting Up a Project process:


Starting Up a Project Inputs

Main Outputs

Roles and Responsibilities

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