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The purpose of the Closing a Project process is to provide a fixed point to check that the project has reached its objectives and that the products have been accepted.


The objectives of the Closing a Project process are to:

This information is then given to the Project Board , as it is the Project Board that closes the project; the Project Manager only prepares the project for closure. As you can guess, it is the Project Manager that does all the activities in the Closing a Project process.


Projects can be closed naturally when all the work has been done, or the Project Board can request a Premature Close. Closing a Project process is the last part of the last stage of the project.

The project should have a clear end with a correct handover of information and responsibility. A clear end to the project means the following:


There are 5 activities in the Closing a Project process for the Project Manager and they are:

Closing a Project Activities


There are two triggers for the Closing a Project process: a natural close towards the end of the project and a premature close, which comes from the Project Board. All other input documents are used, as the Project Manager wants to create an End Project Report and prepare the project for closure.

Closing a Project Inputs


Roles and Responsibilities

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