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Defined Roles and Responsibilities

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In any project, people need to know what to do and what they can expect from others. From my perspective, this is one of the most important principles to get right from the beginning. PRINCE2 states that a project should have defined and agreed roles and responsibilities within an organization structure that engages the Business, User and Supplier Stakeholder interests.

According to PRINCE2, a project has 3 primary stakeholders. They are the Business sponsors, Users and Suppliers.

This principle states that these three primary stakeholders must be correctly represented in the Project Management Team and in the Project Board. This is done by the following default roles in PRINCE2:

Each role in the project management team has a defined role and agreed responsibility, so to summarize the principle of “Defined Roles and Responsibilities,” a good Project Management structure answers the questions “What is expected of me?”, “What can I expect from others?”, and “Who makes what decisions?”

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