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Work Package

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Work Packages are a way for the Project Manager to group work activities together and assign work to a team or Team Manager to produce one or more products. A Work Package is therefore a set of information about one or more required products. A Work Package can contain the following: a Work Package description, product descriptions, techniques to be used, tolerances, date of agreement between PM and TM, how the TM will report to the PM, and Quality information.

The purpose of a Work Package is to provide a set of information about one or more required products collated by the Project Manager to pass responsibility for work or delivery formally to a Team Manager or team member.

Timeline Work Packages

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Sample Work Package

Product Name

Source data for the Work Package

Format of the Work Package

Internal team members reporting the Project Manager: The Work Package may be an oral instruction but its still a good idea to write down to avoid misunderstanding.

External supplier: There is a need for a formal written instruction in line with standards laid down in that contract, so each Work Package is an agreed contract.

Quality Criteria for Work Package

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