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Quality Register

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Quality Register is a diary of the quality events that take place during the project, such as workshops, reviews, testing, and acceptance. At first, the quality register will be empty and the project manager will get most data from the plans and product descriptions. A Quality Register provides a summary of all the Quality management activities that are planned or have taken place, and provides information for the End Stage Report and End Project Report . I like to say that a Quality Register does three things:

A Quality Register makes it easier for the Project Manager to follow up on quality during the project, as they can check whether the Actual Target Review date and Actual Approval date columns are filled in or not. This allows the Project Manager to control quality.

Quality Register Template Sample

Timeline Quality Register

Quality Register Timeline

Sample Quality Register Example

Quality Register simple example

Sample Quality Register Example - The PEN project

Quality Register: The PEN project

Source data for the Quality Register

Format of the Quality Register

Quality Criteria

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