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Project Brief

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A Project Brief is used to provide a full and firm foundation for Initiating a Project and is created in the Starting up a Project process. In the Initiating a Project process, the contents of the Project Brief are extended and refined in the Project Initiation Documentation , after which the Project Brief is no longer maintained.


The Project Brief is derived from: A project mandate supplied at the start of the project; Programme management - if the project is part of a programme, the Project Brief is likely to be supplied by the programme, and therefore it will not have to be derived from a project mandate; Discussions with corporate management regarding corporate strategy and any policies and standards that apply; Discussions with the Project Board and users if the project mandate is incomplete or if no project mandate is provided; Discussions with the operations and maintenance organization (if applicable); Discussion with the (potential) suppliers regarding specialist development lifecycles that could be used; Lessons Log.

A Project Brief can take a number of formats, including: Document or presentation slides; Entry in a project management tool.

Quality Criteria

The following quality criteria should be observed:

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