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Product Descriptions should be created for all the products as part of the planning activities and before the Project Plan can be completed. It is not always possible to create all the Product Descriptions in the Initiation Stage in each project and therefore, Product Descriptions may be created or updated in the Stage Boundary process. The typical content of a Product Description is similar to the Project Product Description .

A Product Description is normally written for each of the identified products in the product breakdown structure if required. Here are some things to consider when creating the product descriptions. Remember that quality information forms a good part of these descriptions.

A Product Description is used to:

Timeline Product Description

PRINCE2 Management Products

The 4 steps in defining and analysing the products are:

  1. Write the Project Product Description in the Starting Up a Project process.
  2. Create the product breakdown structure which lists the products that need to be created.
  3. Write the Product Descriptions which is started in the Initiation Stage and Product Descriptions can also be created in the Stage Boundary process.
  4. Create the Product Flow Diagram which shows the flow of how product will be created and their interdependencies.

Sample Product Description document

Sample Product Description from the PEN project

Product Description

Sample Product Description from the PRINCE2 Foundation Study Guide

Product Description

Sample Product Description from the Driving School Project on Trello

Product Description

Source data for Product Description

Format of the Product Description

Quality Criteria

The following quality criteria should be observed:

Tips from Frank

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