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The Issue Register captures and keeps track of all formal issues. It is regularly monitored by the Project Manager throughout the project. Just imagine a spreadsheet where each line is an issue and there are columns for Issue ID, Issue Type, Date Raised, Raised by, Description, Current Status, and Close Date. So, we can that the purpose of the Issue Register is to capture and maintain information on all the formal issues. Informal issues are normally placed in the Daily Log by the Project Manager as these can easily be taken care of the Project Manager, and they do not need help from others; e.g., Meeting room is unavailable, or project printer needs new ink.

How does an Issue Report relate to an Issues Register?

An Issue Report is a description of one or more issues from the Issue Register. So issues are first entered into the Issue Register and then an Issue Report is created to add more detailed information as you cannot send a person a ROW of data from a spreadsheet. See the Issue Report for more information.

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