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The Highlight Report is a report on the stage progress prepared regularly by the Project Manager for the Project Board . The frequency for this report is indicated in the Communication Management Approach (e.g., it may be agreed that the project manager will send every two weeks on a certain day and with a specific format, which can be a two- or three-page overview). The report can confirm that the stage runs within tolerances and the Project Manager can also point out any foreseeable problems.

The highlight report allows the project board to manage by exception between each stage end, as they are aware of the tolerances agreed with the project manager in the stage plan, so the highlight report should report the current status of tolerances of Time, Cost, Quality, Scope, Benefits, and Risk.

Main reports documents used by the Project Manager to communicate with Project Board:

Timeline Highlight Report

The Highlight Report is mainly created in the Controlling a Stage process by the Project Manager.

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Sample Highlight Report

Highlight Report

Source data for the Highlight Report

Format of the Highlight Report

Quality Criteria for Highlight Report

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