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End Stage Report

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The End Stage Report is created by the project manager towards the end of the stage and compares the performance of the stage to the stage plan. It is used by the project board to decide whether to modify the project scope or shut down the project. It is also used by the Project Board to see the performance of the stage compared to the stage plan.

The object of the report is to provide the Project Board with information on project performance during each stage and the overall project status up to that point. It will also include a review of the benefits reached so far and a review of the issues and risks. An end stage report should contain a forecast for the next stage. This will help the project board decide whether to continue the project or not. The Project Board use the information in the End Stage Report and the Stage Plan to decide what action to take with the project: for example, authorize the next stage, amend the project scope, or stop the project.

The following End Stage Report is taken from the PEN Sample Project.

End Stage Report example

The Managing a Stage Boundary has the following main outputs:

The End Stage Report is derived from the:

Format of the End Stage Report

End Stage Report Quality Criteria

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