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End Project Report

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The end project report is produced by the project manager towards the end of the project during the closing a project process and is used by the project board to evaluate the project before they make the decision to authorize closure. It is one of the main outputs of the Closing a Project process and will be read by the Project Board and it is seen as a report on the performance of the project.

The end project report is the project manager’s report to the project board that confirms delivery of outputs to the customer. It provides an overview of what went well and not so well, a review of the benefits as compared to the expected benefits that were listed in the business case, and a review of how well the project went according to the project plan. It can also confirm that products have been accepted by the customer.

The following image is an example of the End Project Report from the PEN Sample Project:

Example End Project Report

The End Project Report is derived from the following:

Format of the End Project Report

End Project Report Quality Criteria

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