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Daily Log

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The Daily Log is used to record informal issues, notes, etc., that are not captured in other project documents at that time. The project manager can use an office application with a number of columns such as Date, Comment, Person Responsible, and Date of Follow Up if needed. During the Starting Up a Project process, the Daily Log can also be used as a place to store issues and risks as normally the issue and risk registers have not been set up. The Team Managers may also decide to have their own Daily Logs which is more focused on their Work Packages and this is separate from the Project Manager’s Daily Log.

Examples: A stakeholder sent an email saying they would like to sit in a quality review meeting for a specific product or a stakeholder has asked you to resend information.

Here is an example of the type of data you would store: When you first hear of an issue, you may not have too much information or it may not be very serious, so you decide to enter this into the daily log. If the issue becomes more serious and requires follow-up action, then it can be inserted in the issue register.

Daily Log Example

When to make entries?

Daily Log Format

A Daily Log can take a number of formats including a Document or Spreadsheet; Desk diary or log book; Electronic diary/calendar/task lists or Entry in a project management tool.

Daily Log quality criteria

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