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Benefits Management Approach

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The purpose of the Benefits Management Approach is to identify the benefits and most importantly, to select how the benefits can be measured so that it is possible to show that they have been reached. You can then compare the new results to the current situation as it is today or at the start of the project (baselined measurements).

The Benefits Management Approach must include information on the expected timeline for these benefits, i.e., when the benefits can be expected and measured, and who will gather the information.

Tip: If you can’t measure a benefit, don’t claim it as a benefit!

Timeline Benefits Management Approach

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Sample Benefits Management Approach

Who is responsible?

The Benefits Management Approach has to cover the activities to find out whether the expected benefits of the project deliverables have been realized and how the products have performed when in operational use. Each expected benefit has to be assessed for the level of its achievement. There may also be unexpected side-effects, either beneficial or adverse and Time and effort have to be allowed to identify and analyse why these side effects were not foreseen.

Source data for the Benefits Management Approach

Format of the Benefits Management Approach

Quality Criteria for Benefits Management Approach

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