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PRINCE2 Process Model

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This video provides a high-level overview of PRINCE2 using the Process Model. It is possibly the best introduction to PRINCE2, as you will be able to follow the path of a typical project and revise your knowledge of PRINCE2, for example, by drawing the Process Model diagram and explaining it in your own words.

The PRINCE2 Process Model diagram provides an overview of the seven PRINCE2 processes and helps you understanding of PRINCE2. You can download this PRINCE2 Process Model image in PDF format by clicking here or on the picture below.

PRINCE2 Process Model

The PRINCE2 Process Model diagram helps to answer the following questions:

Process Model Colours

Due to the way that Process Model is normally represented, it is difficult to see that some processes are executed more than once during a project. This just makes learning PRINCE2 more difficult as you try to identify the relationship between the processes. Therefore the use of colours makes this relationship easier to understand:

The Four PRINCE2 Management Levels

In addition, the Process Model shows four Management Levels:


In addition there is a simpler variant of the Process Model diagram, from the point of view of the 7 processes.


The PRINCE2 Product Map

Product Map

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