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Less that 5% of people who have a PRINCE2 certification actually use PRINCE2 to run a project and there are a number of reasons for this:

  • The # 1 reason seems to be lack of confidence, they just don’t know where to start.
  • It’s a bit like learning how to drive a car from a book without taking driving lessons.
  • The Training courses are focused on passing the exams.
  • The P2F course gives a good overview of PRINCE2 which is important but it is just an overview.
  • The average Practitioner Course lasts for 3 days and 2 of these days are spent on practicing questions (not much time to learn)
  • PRINCE2 has many documents and PRINCE2 needs to be tailored in each project otherwise the project will be swamped in administration.
  • Very few companies provide proper support and coaching for Project Managers but they find fault very quickly when things go wrong

So the goal of the videos below is to help people get started with PRINCE2 and thus contribute to the raise of the number of PRINCE2 certified people who use PRINCE2 from less than 5% to greater than 15%.

Who is the video for?

This video is addressed to:

  • People who are studying for the P2F and P2P courses and following a PRINCE2 Training
  • People who already have a PRINCE2 certification but wish to know how to start to use PRINCE2
  • People who wish to run their own PRINCE2 project

Part 1: PRINCE2 Project Startup

Project Idea The project idea example discussed in the video below is the following:

The Management Plaza company has a management / sales meeting each Monday morning and one of the things reviewed are possible improvements for the online shop. One of the ideas suggested was the following: • To create a separate site for the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Simulator, which should have a URL like­m • There are many searches in Google for “PRINCE2 Foundation Exam” and as the content existed, this website could be up and running very quickly

The idea looked as good after it was compared to the other ideas. So it was decided to review it again at the next meeting, when it was added as a point to discuss. For now it was agreed to fill in a Project mandate document.

Part 2: Project Initiating& Planning (sample)

Part 3: Running the project and closing

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