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Why do we need the PRINCE2 Maturity Model (P2MM)?

To discover and measure the practices that are used in an organisation to manage projects, and identify the improvements that are needed in the organization to achieve the next level of maturity.

The PRINCE2 Maturity Model assessment allows organisations to identity what is working well, areas for improvement and build an action plan to improve they way to use PRINCE2 and run projects.

What will the PRINCE2® Maturity Model and Health Check Provide?

Through a series of questions and evidence based gathering the tool will provide you with a set of reports that you can use to improve the way you run project in your organisation,

P2MM Report 1: Process Compliance and Quality

maturity model

For each PRINCE2® process (for example Starting Up a Project), you will see a graph like shown above, this indicates if you adopt the PRINCE2® methodology and principles, shown in blue, and how well you adopt the methodology and principles, shown in orange

P2MM Report 2 - Process Maturity and Adoption

maturity model

The second graph provides a score from 1 to 5 indicating the Maturity of adoption for that Process. This is the most common way to report on the level of maturity in an organisation. Although this is only an indication of Maturity for this Process.

P2MM Report 3 - Project Compliance and Quality

maturity model

Once you have completed all of the PRINCE2® Processes you can view the dashboard, this displays all processes and the entire project adoption of the methodology and principles.

P2MM Report 4 - Portfolio/Programme Compliance, Quality and Maturity

From the dashboard you can see the maturity of the programme or department by selecting 'all projects' from the drop down, this will combine all your projects in your account and show you:

  1. The health check for all projects combined
  2. The maturity of all project combined

You can now set improvement targets for the process, programme and/or department to tackle specific area’s which require attention or simply rejoice in the knowledge that your projects are being managed to a high standard.

You can start using the tool immediately, although it is advised you sign in so your data is saved in your own unique area (top right hand of this screen there is a sign in button).

To see some examples select one of the projects below:

This Model can be used to self-certify, but ideally bringing in a third party to audit your projects will yield a more balanced view of how you really are delivering projects, including using their expertise in taking corrective action through support and mentioning.

To find out more about adopting the PRINCE2® Maturity Model tools to assure a programme, portfolio, department or organisation contact us. Total Programme Control are specialist in delivering Programmes and Projects, we can provide project staff at any level.


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