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PRINCE2: This PRINCE2 book page will introduce these PRINCE2 related books:

  • PRINCE2 Book: PRINCE2 Introduction Manual
  • PRINCE2 Book: PRINCE2 Foundation Training Manual
  • PRINCE2 Book: PRINCE2 Practitioner Training Manual
  • PRINCE2 Book: Official Manual – Managing Successful Projects (AXELOS)

Theere are other PRINCE2 books available from AMAZON.COM but these listed here are focused on the PRINCE2 Foundations and Practitioner Exams.

PRINCE2 Book: PRINCE2 Introduction Manual

This is the introduction guide to PRINCE2 from Management Plaza and it uses the PRINCE2 process model to introduce the reader to PRINCE2. It therefore provides an easy and high-level introduction to PRINCE2 and it shows how a PRINCE2 project works from the Start-up process to the Closing a Project process. The majority PRINCE2 introduction books actually confuse the reader as they inform you about all the different parts individually (Principles, Themes, and Processes) so you end up knowing bits here and there but don't see the connection (how they all work together). As a result, the reader ends up with a very scattered overview of PRINCE2.

In summary this PRINCE2 Book (Introduction to PRINCE2) provides you with the following:

  • A helicopter introduction to PRINCE2 using the PRINCE2 Process Model
  • Shows relationship between the PRINCE2 Principles, Processes and Themes
  • How a projects starts (from an idea) in an organisation and how it moves from one process to another
  • When, where and by whom the necessary PRINCE2 management documents are created (most are created by the Project Manager)
  • Covers the roles of the Project Manager, Project Board, Senior User, Senior Supplier, Executive,.
  • How the Project Board controls the project using: 1) stage tolerances, 2) highlight reports and 3) decisions
  • And how a typical project closes after the necessary products have been accepted


This introduction to PRINCE2 book is therefore a good book to help get an overview of PRINCE2 and help you prepare for either the PRINCE2 Foundation classroom or online course.


PRINCE2 Book: Foundation Training Manual

This PRINCE2 book is fully focused on the PRINCE2 Foundation Syllabus and the main objectives of this book are: 1) To help you understand PRINCE2, 2) pass the PRINCE2 exam and 3) Get your PRINCE2 Foundation Certification. This is the only PRINCE2 book that we are aware off that is focused on the PRINCE2 Foundation syllabus and therefore the only book you need to refer to learn PRINCE2 & pass the Foundation exam.

The official PRINCE2 book from AXELOS (“Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2”) is a good reference manual but is rather difficult to read if you are new to project management or PRINCE2. The official book is meant to sit on Project Managers desk where the Project Manager can can easy access to it when they are managing a PRINCE2 project. The official PRINCE2 book should not be used to prepare for the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam as you only need about 30% of the information. This is a bit like training for a marathon if you wish to run in a 12K race. Still a good number of training organisations give this book out with their training but candidates do not read it.


How is this Training Manual different from the official PRINCE2 manual?

  • This is a training manual while the Axelos manual is a reference manual
  • It provides many examples of PRINCE2 documents
  • It is fully focused on the PRINCE2 Foundation syllabus and Foundation Exam
  • It use simple examples to help explain new PRINCE2 terms (this is important)
  • It provides an overview of what is important to know (chapter by chapter)
  • It is available in PDF format (can also be printed) making it easy to search and find what you need.


PRINCE2 Book: Practitioner Training Manual

The main objective of this book is to provide an easy to read and easy to understand full PRINCE2 book that covers the complete PRINCE2 Practitioner Syllabus. The idea for this book came from the questions I received from people trying to learn PRINCE2 and after reading the official PRINCE2 book “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2″· The official PRINCE2 Book for the Project Manager is an excellent reference manual but can be rather difficult read if you are both new to project management and PRINCE2. So this book is meant to be and is an easy to read PRINCE2 book that also provides a lot of examples of project documents to help explain the many new PRINCE2 topics.


How is this training PRINCE2 Practitioner training manual is different from the official AXELOS PRINCE2 manual?

  • It is a training manual while the AXELOS PRINCE manual is a reference manual
  • It provides lots of examples of PRINCE2 management products (this is important for the candidate)
  • It use examples to·help explain new PRINCE2 terms as they are introduced
  • It is written like a training manual in simple English and therefore very easy to read
  • It provides an overview of what is important to know at the end of each chapter (Practitioner Syllabus)
  • It is available in PDF format making it easy to search and find what you need.


PRINCE2 Official Training Manual: Managing Successful Projects

This is the official PRINCE2 book and you are allowed to use to this manual during the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam as it is an open book exam, however there is normally little time to use it. It is available in paper and PDF formats but the PDF version is rather limited and can only be printed once. It is important to index this manual if you invent to use it in the Practitioner Exam so you can quickly lookup the information you are looking for to help you answer a question. Henny Portman has created very useful labels that you can print off and use to index you AXELOS PRINCE2 manual.

This manual has been designed to be a role specific handbook (reference manual to keep on your desk) for Project Managers, Team Managers and Project Support. However it is not practical for Team Managers or Project Support roles.

It explains the principles that underpin PRINCE2; describes the seven PRINCE2 processes and ‘Key Themes’ of project management, specific to PRINCE2, that are required for the processes to be effective; cross-references techniques that may be applied. The manual also explains how to tailor the method and provides some context of when and how to use PRINCE2 for different project environments (e.g. standalone or as part of a programme).

This PRINCE2 book contains the chapters

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to PRINCE2
  • Chapter 2: Seven Principles
  • Chapter 3: Introduction to PRINCE2 Themes
  • Chapter 4-10: Themes: Business Case, Organisation, Quality, Plans, Risk, Change and Progress
  • Chapter 11: Introduction to processes
  • Chapter 12-18: Processes; Starting Up a Project, Directing a Project, Initiating a Project, Controlling a Stage, Managing Product Delivery, Managing Stage Boundary, Closing a Project.
  • Chapter 19: Tailoring

In addition, the guidance also looks at the wider role of the Project Manager, including: some soft skills of the project manager; leading and managing; stakeholder engagement and communication planning; organisational change management; PRINCE2 in different types of organisation and cultures; and, training needs for project teams.


This title includes just a few real world examples and illustrations in each chapter. However it does contain extensive appendices on the following topics:

  • Product Descriptions;
  • Governance;
  • Role Definitions – Responsibilities;
  • Product Based Planning example;
  • Health Check (good process to check a project);
  • Glossary

The PRINCE2 Health Check (Appendix E) contains process oriented checklists that can be used at any point in the project. The Health Check checklist are divided up into the following list of processes and also provides a good summary of PRINCE2.

  1. Starting up a Project
  2. Directing a Project (most detailed)
  3. Initiating a Project
  4. Controlling a Stage
  5. Managing Product Delivery
  6. Managing Stage Boundary
  7. Closing a Project


PeopleCert runs the PRINCE2 Foundation exam and PRINCE2 Practitioner exam for the accredited training organisations (ATO) and these can be provided in the classroom or online.

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.’