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PRINCE2 Agile™ is the latest standard from AXELOS. It’s a tailored version of PRINCE2, ready to be combined with Agile delivery methods such as Scrum. This combination provides you with both the flexibility of Agile systems, and the governance of PRINCE2. Mature medium to large companies would benefit most from this new standard.

Introduction, 9 minutes

General Concepts

Tailoring PRINCE2 for Agile environments

  • Core Principles, 37 minutes

  • Themes

  • Processes

  • Management Products
  • Roles and Responsibilities, 15 minutes

Focus Areas

  • Agilometer, 11 minutes
  • Requirements, 29 minutes
  • Rick Communication, 5 minutes
  • Frequent Releases, 4 minutes
  • Contracts, 7 minutes

A Quick Review of Delivery Methods