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PRINCE2® is a project management methodology, applicable to all types of projects. PRINCE2 provides the steps you need to take in your project, and normal responsibilities of the team members. It’s customizable, so you can tailor and use a simple version of it in small projects, and a complex version in large or sensitive projects. New Google Plus PRINCE2 2017 community

PRINCE2 Foundation Introduction

This video discusses the following:

  • How a PRINCE2 project starts
  • The trigger for each project
  • Where project ideas come from
  • Two main outputs of the starting up a project process
  • The first Project Board decision

PRINCE2 in Practice - Using PRINCE2 -

This is the latest update of the PRINCE2 Sample Project. This free video course will show you how you can run a PRINCE2 project and you will see it is not as difficult as many people think. The main goal is to show you how easy it is to start using PRINCE2 and you can run a project using a minimum amount of information and documents.


New PRINCE2 extension for Trello

There is a PRINCE2 chrome extension for Trello: It is called "PRINCE2 for Trello" which makes it a lot easier to Trello to manage PRINCE2 projects. Here are some links:

Note: PRINCE2 is a simple extension for Trello: For larger projects, you can also look at more pro PRINCE2 project management platforms that provide a lot more functionality:

Popular Articles

History and Ownership

Main article: History of PRINCE2

PRINCE2 stands for the following: Projects in Controlled Environments, version 2

It belongs to AXELOS, a UK-based joint-venture, since 2013. Before that, PRINCE2 and other Best Practice Solutions belonged to OGC in the UK. Other organizations such as APMG, EXIN, and PeopleCert are Examination Institutes, responsible for taking the PRINCE2 exams in behalf of AXELOS.

PRINCE2 is a new version of a standard called PROMPT, which goes back to the mid-1970s.

Official Manuals

There are two official manuals for PRINCE2:

You can find additional information regarding these manuals on the PRINCE2 PDF page.

PRINCE2 Content

The official manual states that the PRINCE2® method consists of 4 main parts, or Integrated Elements. These elements are:


You can find more about the PRINCE2 content on the PRINCE2 methodology page.

PRINCE2 Templates

PRINCE2 provides a set of "Management Products". They are explained in the themes and processes pages in this wiki. The following are simple templates for each Management Product:

If you are interested in additional information on these templates, check out the article on PRINCE2 Templates.

Project documents, or better to say, management products are also part of the previously mentioned elements, as well as roles and responsibilities.

Project management techniques are not part of PRINCE2; e.g. how to level resources.

For an overall understanding of how PRINCE2 works, check the article on Processes.

Certifications Projects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2®) is a process-based approach for project management that is recognized as an international standard. There are currently four certifications available for Prince2. For information regarding the methodology, the certifications type, as well as information about training courses and online exams, check out the article on PRINCE2 Certification.

External Resources

Official resources:

Qualification pages at Examination Institutes:

Free resources:

‘PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.’