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The purpose of Managing a Stage Boundary process has two parts:


The objective of the Managing a Stage Boundary process is to:

  • Assure the Project Board that all products in the current stage are produced and approved.
  • Review and update, if necessary, the usual documents, which are the Project Initiation Documentation, Business Case, Project Plan, and Risk Register.
  • Record any lessons in the Lessons Log that can help in later stages or in future projects.
  • Prepare the Stage Plan for the next stage and Request Authorization to start the next stage.

Remember that Managing a Stage Boundary begins near the end of the current stage and before the next stage. If the current stage is forecast to go out of tolerance, then the Project Manager will create an Exception Plan instead of a next Stage Plan, and the Project Manager will request to complete the current stage instead of asking to continue with the next stage.


The Managing a Stage Boundary process provides the information for the Project Board to evaluate the project at strategic points so they can decide to stop or to continue to the next stage, and check how the project is going according to the original plan.

Remember, the Project Board is the one that controls the project and the stage Boundary process, and provides them with the necessary information to do this. So what does the Project Board consider?

  • They will consider the Continued Business Justification of the project.
  • They wish to confirm that the stage has delivered all its planned products and benefits.
  • They will consider the next Stage Plan.
  • The will consider if the project should be allowed to continue or to shut the project down.

It is important to remember that a decision to shut down the project should not be seen as a failure. It is the correct thing to do if the project becomes too costly, risky, unjustifiable, etc.


There are 5 activities within the Managing a Stage Boundary, and they are:

Managing a Stage Boundary


Managing a Stage Boundary


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