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A Quality Register is used to summarize all the quality management activities that are planned or have taken place, and provides information for the End Stage Reports and End Project Report. Its purpose is to:

  • Issue a unique reference for each quality activity
  • Act as a pointer to the quality records for a product
  • Act as a summary of the number and type of quality activities undertaken.

Advice Derivation:

  • The format and composition of the Quality Register will be defined in the Quality Management Strategy
  • Entries are made when a quality activity is entered on a Stage Plan for the current management stage. It may be updated when a Team Plan is created
  • The remaining information comes from the actual performance of the quality activity
  • The sign*off date is when all corrective action items have been signed off.

Format and Presentation: A Quality Register can take a number of formats, including:

  • Document, spreadsheet or database
  • Stand*alone register or a carry forward in progress review minutes
  • Entry in a project management tool
  • Part of an integrated project register for all risks, actions, decisions, assumptions, issues, lessons etc.

Quality Criteria:

  • A procedure is in place that will ensure that every quality activity is entered on the Quality Register
  • Responsibility for the Quality Register has been allocated
  • Actions are clearly described and assigned
  • Entries are uniquely identified, including to which product they refer
  • Access to the Quality Register is controlled
  • The Quality Register is kept in a safe place
  • All quality activities are at an appropriate level of control.

Quality register

Quality ID[1] Product Identifier(s)[2] Product Title(s)[3] Method[4] Roles and Responsibilities[5] The Quality Activity Completion of Quality Activity[6] Result[7] Quality records[8]
Name Role Planned Date Forecast Date Actual Date Planned Date Forecast Date Actual Date



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  1. Provides a unique reference for every quality activity entered into the Quality Register.
  2. The name(s) by which the product(s) is known
  3. The name(s) by which the product(s) is known
  4. The method employed for the quality activity (e.g. pilot, quality review, audit etc.
  5. The person or team responsible for the quality management activities (e.g. auditor or, for quality reviews, presenter, reviewer(s), chair, administrator)
  6. Sign-off that the quality activity is complete
  7. The result of the quality activity. If a product fails a quality review, then any re-assessment should be listed as a separate entry in the register, as the original quality activity has been completed (in deciding that the result is a ‘fail’)
  8. References to the quality inspection documentation, such as a test plan or the details of any actions required to correct errors and omissions of the products being inspected.