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Project Support

Project Support provides an administrative role in a PRINCE2 project environment. On smaller projects this role can be fulfilled by the Project Manager, but larger projects generally require a full Project Support Team. Project Support can be anything from advice and assistance to administrative services such as collecting and compiling data. A particularly important support feature is Configuration Management which controls the assets of the project.

The duties associated with the PRINCE2 Project Support role normally defaults to the Project Manager. However, where appropriate, the Project Manager can delegate some of this responsibility. Responsibilities


Project Support responsibilities that may be delegated include

  • Administrative services
  • Advice and guidance on project management tools or configuration management
  • Specialist functions like planning or risk management.
  • Administering configuration management procedures the Configuration Management Strategy (unless this is performed by programme management).

In some organizations, a temporary "project office" may be set up to supply some or all Project Support functions for a particular project. Role Combining

Role Combining

Project Support and Project Assurance roles should be undertaken by separate individuals to ensure that Project Assurance is independent.


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