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PRINCE2®: There are a number PRINCE2 manuals and this PRINCE2 manual page will provide an overview of the following manuals:

PRINCE2 Manual: PRINCE2 Introduction Manual

This is a high-level introduction book to PRINCE2, which provides an excellent introduction to PRINCE2 and shows how a PRINCE2 project works from start to finish. Most introduction books to PRINCE2 inform the reader about the parts PRINCE2 which are: Principles, Themes, and Processes and do not show them working together. The result of this is that readers end up with a very scattered overview of what PRINCE2 is and are more confused.

This PRINCE2 manual book takes much different approach. The focus is on how a project works from starting the project (project startup), to running the project and finally to closing the project. Therefore for this PRINCE2 manual (Introduction to PRINCE2) provides you with the following:

  • A high level introduction to the PRINCE2 Process Model and PRINCE2
  • Shows relationship between PRINCE2 processes, themes and principles
  • How a PRINCE2 projects starts and how it moves from one process to another
  • When, where and by who the necessary PRINCE2 documents are created
  • Covers the roles of the Project Manager, Project Board members, Executive,.
  • How the Project Board controls the project using stage tolerances, reports and decisions
  • And how the final product is handed over to the customer and a typical project closes


This PRINCE2 manual can be used as an introduction to PRINCE2 and to see how all parts of the PRINCE2 project work together. This introduction is both useful for a PRINCE2 classroom and online course.


PRINCE2 Official Training Manual: Managing Successful Projects

This is the official PRINCE2 manual and you are allowed to use this manual during the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam as it is an open book exam, however must candidates have little time to use it. This publication provides a universally applicable project management method – the principles, processes and techniques that enable individuals and organizations to successfully deliver their projects within time, cost and quality constraints.

This manual has been designed to be a role specific handbook for Project Managers, Team Managers and Project Support, although it is a bit heavy reading for Team Managers and Project Support staff. It explains the principles that underpin PRINCE2; describes the PRINCE2 processes in their entirety and ‘Key Themes’ of project management, specific to PRINCE2, that are required for the processes to be effective; cross-references techniques that may be applied; also explains how to tailor the method; and, provides context of when and how to use PRINCE2 for different project environments (e.g. standalone or as part of a programme).

The book contains chapters on Starting Up a Project, Directing a Project, Initiating a Project, Controlling a Stage, Managing Product Delivery, Managing Stage Boundary and Closing a Project. In addition, the guidance also looks at the wider role of the Project Manager, including: soft skills of the project manager; leading and managing; stakeholder engagement and communication planning; organisational change management; PRINCE2 in different types of organisation and cultures; and, training needs for project teams. This manual covers the full PRINCE2 Practitioner Syllabus and therefore it is important to be aware of the structure and contents of the manual if you wish to take the Practitioner Exam. Note: Many of the people who take the Practitioner Exam do not read the full manual.


This manual includes a few real world examples and illustrations in each chapter. It also contains extensive appendices on the following topics:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Governance
  • Role Definitions – Responsibilities
  • Product Based Planning example
  • Health Check
  • Glossary

The Health Check pages provide an excellent overview of how a PRINCE2 should be working and therefore provides a good summary of PRINCE2.


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PeopleCert runs the PRINCE2 Foundation exam and PRINCE2 Practitioner exam for the accredited training organisations (ATO) and these can be provided in the classroom or online.

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