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Free PRINCE2 Foundation Questions - Paper 1
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1) Which statement about controls is CORRECT?

A. A highlight report is an event-driven control
B. An exception report is a time-driven control
C. A daily log is an event-driven control
D. A checkpoint report is a time-driven control

2) Which document is used to identify interested parties that need to be informed of project closure?

A. Change control approach
B. End project report
C. Communication management approach
D. Project brief

3) Identify the missing words in the following sentence.
Any change to the products agreed at the start of a stage is monitored as part of the [ ? ] process, on a day-to-day basis.

A. directing a project
B. controlling a stage
C. managing a stage boundary
D. closing a project

4) Which two statements about the 'continued business justification' principle are CORRECT?

1. The business justification for a project should be documented
2. The project manager should be responsible for the business justification
3. A project must be stopped if the business justification changes
4. Compulsory projects still require business justification
A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 3 and 4
D. 1 and 4

5) PRINCE2 mandates that the project board represents the primary stakeholder interests. Which principle does this follow?

A. Manage by stages
B. Focus on products
C. Defined roles and responsibilities
D. Learn from experience

6) When is it confirmed whether a project's objectives have been achieved?

A. During the 'closing a project' process
B. During the final end stage assessment
C. During the 'controlling a stage' process
D. During the 'managing product delivery' process

7) Which statement correctly describes project assurance and quality assurance?

A. Project assurance provides assurance to the project's stakeholders whereas quality assurance provides assurance to the wider corporate, programme or customer organization
B. They are both the responsibility of the project board, but project assurance may be delegated
C. They are both independent of the project management team
D. Project assurance and quality assurance are both the responsibility of corporate, programme management or the customer

8) Identify the missing words in the following sentence.
If a baselined product requires modification, the recommended [ ? ] procedure, or equivalent procedure should be used.

A. risk management
B. exception management
C. issue and change control
D. quality control

9) According to the 'manage by exception' principle, what should be defined to establish limits of delegated authority?

A. Scope of the project
B. Costs of the project
C. Timescales for the project
D. Tolerances for the project

10) Which two statements are CORRECT about the minimum requirements for applying the change theme?

1. Identified issues must be assessed for their impact on the business justification for the project.
2. Project issues must be captured, examined and managed throughout the project lifecycle.
3. The actual status of products must be verified to ensure that this matches the authorized state.
4. A budget must be established to pay for requests for change and their analysis.
A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 3 and 4
D. 1 and 4

11) Which is a purpose of the 'controlling a stage' process?

A. To agree, perform and deliver project work
B. To draft a plan for the next stage
C. To agree tolerances for the stage
D. To take action so that the stage remains within tolerance

12) What is likely to be avoided by applying the 'tailor to suit the project' principle?

A. Unnecessary management effort
B. Project risks
C. Training
D. Procurement procedures

13) Which is a responsibility of the team manager role?

A. To accept authorized work packages from the project manager
B. To review the highlight report for the previous reporting period
C. To review the tailoring approach and its implications for project controls
D. To examine and escalate issues, taking necessary corrective actions

14) In which situation might the 'controlling a stage' process be used?

A. To manage a long initiation stage of a complex project
B. To manage the activities of a complex programme
C. To organize support activities following the handover of products to operations D. To create an exception plan to replace the current stage plan

15) Which is a step in PRINCE2's recommended approach to planning?

A. Identify activities and dependencies
B. Describe the means of communication for the project
C. Implement responses for opportunities
D. Baseline the project deliverables

16) What is an advantage of applying the 'learn from experience' principle?

A. It allows the project board to delegate cost tolerances to the project manager
B. It allows the project team to fully understand their roles and responsibilities
C. It allows the project manager to delegate time tolerances to the team managers
D. It allows the project team to identify improvements to be made during the project

17) Which is a responsibility of the business representative on the project board?

A. To set tolerance levels for the project
B. To ensure the project represents value for money
C. To confirm the project delivers the required functionality
D. To check the required quality levels are achieved by the project's products

18) What makes a project a PRINCE2 project?

A. It has project processes that satisfy the objectives of PRINCE2 processes
B. It has a permanent project organization to deliver a long-term result
C. It has established technology to improve business as usual
D. It applies some of the PRINCE2 principles

19) What is risk probability?

A. The scale of the risk should it occur
B. The probable effect on the project being able to deliver its objectives
C. A probable timeframe within which the risk may occur
D. A measure of the likelihood of the risk occurring

20) Which describes the 'implement' step within the recommended risk management procedure?

A. Project support allocates the risk budget to fund the selected risk responses
B. The risk owner decides the best response to control the risk
C. The risk owner and the risk actionee carry out activities to control and deal with the risk
D. The project manager formulates the risk management approach

21) Which is an objective of the 'initiating a project' process?

A. To ensure that there is authority to initiate the project
B. To prepare the plans for the subsequent delivery stages
C. To summarize how the organization's project management method will be tailored for the project
D. To request authority from programme, corporate management or the customer to deliver the project

22) Which is a minimum requirement for applying the risk theme?

A. To assign risk actionees to undertake planned risk responses
B. To escalate identified threats to the project board
C. To record identified threats in a risk register
D. To establish a risk budget to fund responses to risks

23) If a work package is forecast to exceed its tolerances, how should a team manager inform the project manager?

A. By submitting an exception report
B. By submitting an exception plan
C. By raising an issue
D. By raising a risk

24) Who is responsible for documenting any tailoring of work packages?

A. Executive
B. Project manager
C. Team manager
D. Project support

25) Which is a minimum requirement for applying the quality theme?

A. To define the use and format of quality records
B. To define the project's approach to quality assurance
C. To define proxy measures that indicate achievable benefits
D. To define the project's approach to project assurance

26) Which is a purpose of the quality theme?

A. To establish the mechanisms to judge whether a project is desirable and achievable
B. To look for ways to improve the effectiveness of the management of the project
C. To control uncertainty to improve the ability of the project to succeed
D. To establish mechanisms to control any unacceptable deviation

27) Which is a purpose of the business case theme?

A. To establish mechanisms for managing issues that may impact the baseline
B. To establish methods to judge whether the ongoing project is justified
C. To assess and control uncertain events or situations
D. To describe how products will be delivered that are fit for purpose

28) Which process provides the project board with the information it requires in order to commit resources to the project?

A. Managing product delivery
B. Initiating a project
C. Controlling a stage
D. Directing a project

29) Which two statements describe a highlight report?

1.It provides a summary of the stage status
2.It is used by the project board to monitor the progress of the stage and project
3.It is produced by the project manager when a new risk is identified
4.It is used by the project manager to escalate an exception
A.1 and 2
B.2 and 3
C.3 and 4
D.1 and 4

30) Which product provides the version number of all products in a particular stage?

A. Issue register
B. Product status account
C. Product description
D. Configuration item record

31) Which two statements about the risk theme are CORRECT?

1.It identifies how to manage risks at the corporate programme management or customer level of an organization.
2.It aims to support better decision-making through a good understanding of threats and opportunities.
3.It explains the risk management activities to use to improve the chances of a project delivering its objectives.
4.It identifies, assesses and controls approved changes to the baseline
A.1 and 2
B.2 and 3
C.3 and 4
D.1 and 4

32) What must be recorded in the project initiation documentation to meet the minimum requirements for applying the progress theme?

A. The overall approach to managing by exception
B. The tailoring required for progress reports
C. The tolerance areas that will not be controlled
D. The levels of management control that will be used

33) Which theme establishes mechanisms to monitor and compare actual achievements against those planned?

A. Plans
B. Change
C. Progress
D. Quality

34) Which role is responsible for the management of a risk assigned to it?

A. Project support
B. Risk owner
C. Risk actionee
D. Project assurance

35) Which is a responsibility of the change authority?

A. To ensure an acceptable solution is being developed
B. To prepare a team plan and agree it with the project manager
C. To maintain project files according to document control procedures
D. To approve or reject requests for change within the delegated limits

36) What does applying the 'manage by stages' principle ensure?

A. That the customer's quality expectations and acceptance criteria are captured and agreed
B. That the project is properly initiated before work begins on delivery of the project's outputs
C. That the project management team understands what they are accountable for
D. That the project is only started and continued if it is desirable, viable and achievable

37) Identify the missing word in the following sentence.
A management stage can be longer when risk is [ ? ], typically in the middle of projects.

A. complex
B. understood
C. lower
D. higher

38) What takes place during the 'closing a project' process?

A. The post-project benefits reviews are performed
B. Ownership of the project's products is transferred to the customer
C. An end stage report is prepared for the final stage
D. The project closure notification is reviewed and approved

39) Which is a purpose of the 'starting up a project' process?

A. To understand the resources and costs to deliver the project's products
B. To ensure that there is authority to deliver the project's products
C. To do the minimum to decide whether it is worthwhile initiating the project
D. To create the management products required to control the project

40) In a customer/supplier context, which is a responsibility of a supplier?

A. To deliver the benefits of the project
B. To provide the project mandate
C. To deliver the outputs of the project
D. To provide the requirements for the products

41) Which is a minimum requirement for applying the organization theme?

A. To ensure the senior user verifies user requirements
B. To ensure that the change authority is delegated
C. To ensure that all the responsibilities of the project board are fulfilled
D. To ensure that the supplier resources are available

42) When should the team manager produce a checkpoint report?

A. When a work package is being negotiated
B. At the frequency agreed in the work package
C. On completion of the quality-checking activities for each product
D. When reviewing how a stage is progressing

43) Which statement describes the 'directing a project' process?

A. It enables the project board to assure that there is continued business justification
B. It covers the day-to-day activities of the project manager
C. It ensures there are regular progress meetings
D. It begins on completion of the 'initiating a project' process

44) Which is a purpose of the plans theme?

A. To identify, assess and control uncertainty within the project
B. To establish a coding system for all components of the project's products
C. To define the means of delivering the products
D. To produce a benefits management approach

45) Which is a purpose of a quality management approach?

A. To define the customer's quality expectations for the project
B. To define the quality standards to be applied to a project
C. To identify the level of quality required for each of the project's products
D. To summarize the planned quality management activities

46) How does defining a product's quality requirements support the 'focus on products' principle?

A. By providing the project's tolerances so that authority can be delegated
B. By providing the responsibilities for the project management team
C. By providing the justification for the project to be initiated
D. By providing an explicit understanding of what the project must deliver

47) Which is a feature of PRINCE2?

A. It is a method specifically designed for technical projects
B. It promotes continual learning in organizations
C. It includes many motivational techniques
D. It is designed to manage both projects and programmes

48) Which roles should NOT be combined?

A. Project board and change authority
B. Project manager and team manager
C. Executive and project manager
D. Project manager and project support

49) Which is a characteristic of a project?

A. It is considered low risk
B. It avoids stresses and strains between organizations
C. It maintains business as usual
D. It involves cross-functional teams

50) Which is an objective of the 'managing a stage boundary' process?

A. To request authorization to start the next stage
B. To ensure that all threats and opportunities for the current stage have been closed
C. To ensure that work on products allocated to the team for the next stage is authorized
D. To implement actions to resolve tolerance deviations from the stage plan

51) In which process is authorization given to deliver the project's products?

A. Starting up a project
B. Initiating a project
C. Managing a stage boundary
D. Directing a project

52) Which is a minimum requirement for applying the business case theme?

A. To document the responsibility for defining the standards for the business case
B. To appoint a senior user from an area of the business impacted by the project
C. To have the benefits management approach approved by the participants of benefits reviews
D. To delegate the development of the business justification to the project manager

53) How is the project initiation documentation used during the 'closing a project' process?

A. It is used as the basis for comparing the original aim of the project against what was actually achieved
B. It provides the controls for the final stage of the project
C. It is updated to include relevant lessons from previous projects
D. It provides the project product description for approval by the project board

54) Which process aims to ensure that during the project all parties understand the project objectives?

A. Starting up a project
B. Directing a project
C. Initiating a project
D. Managing product delivery

55) When should the 'managing a stage boundary' process be undertaken?

A. Close to the end of each management stage
B. Close to the start of each management stage
C. At the end of the final stage
D. At the end of the 'starting up a project' process

56) What is a project outcome?

A. A measurable improvement that is perceived as an advantage by one or more stakeholders
B. The reason for the project
C. The result of the change derived from using the project's outputs
D. The project's specialist products

57) Identify the missing words in the following sentence.
The six aspects of project performance to be managed are [ ? ], costs, timescales and scope.

A. benefits, change, risk
B. benefits, quality, risk
C. change, quality, risk
D. benefits, change, quality

58) Which management stages must a PRINCE2 project consist of, as a minimum?

A. Starting up, initiation, and at least one other stage for the rest of the project
B. At least one stage for developing products, and a closing stage
C. Initiation, and at least one other stage for the rest of the project
D. Initiation, at least one stage for developing products, and a closing stage

59) Which statement about project stakeholders is CORRECT?

A. All stakeholders must be identified at the start of the project
B. All stakeholders are members of the project board
C. All stakeholders are external to the corporate organization
D. All three principle categories of stakeholder have their interests represented by the project board

60) What should be provided by a project mandate?

A. Terms of reference for a project
B. A detailed business case
C. Tolerances for each management stage
D. A plan for the initiation stage


Q1=D, Q2=C, Q3=B, Q4=D, Q5=C, Q6=A, Q7=A, Q8=C, Q9=D, Q10=A
Q11=D, Q12=A, Q13=A, Q14=A, Q15=A, Q16=D, Q17=B, Q18=A, Q19=D, Q20=C
Q21=C, Q22=C, Q23=C, Q24=B, Q25=D, Q26=B, Q27=B, Q28=B, Q29=A, Q30=B
Q31=B, Q32=A, Q33=C, Q34=B, Q35=D, Q36=B, Q37=C, Q38=B, Q39=C, Q40=C
Q41=C, Q42=B, Q43=A, Q44=C, Q45=B, Q46=D, Q47=B, Q48=C, Q49=D, Q50=A
Q51=D, Q52=A, Q53=A, Q54=C, Q55=A, Q56=C, Q57=B, Q58=C, Q59=D, Q60=A


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