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Free PRINCE2 Foundation Questions - Paper 1

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1) What is the first step in the recommended risk management procedure?

A. Assess
B. Identify
C. Implement
D. Plan

2) Which statements about a project's stakeholders are CORRECT?

1. A stakeholder is anyone who thinks they will be affected by a project
2. Stakeholders require equal amounts of engagement by the project management team
3. Stakeholders remain unchanged throughout the project
4. A stakeholder may be internal or external to the corporate organization
A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 3 and 4
D. 1 and 4

3) Identify the missing word in the following sentence.
A purpose of the [ ? ] theme is to control any unacceptable deviations from the project's objectives.

A. change
B. plans
C. progress
D. risk

4) Which is a minimum requirement for applying the organization theme?

A. To define the project assurance role of team managers
B. To combine roles, where possible, to simplify the organization
C. To appoint a business change manager as senior user when the project is part of a programme
D. To define the approach to engaging with stakeholders

5) What is defined when deciding how to tailor PRINCE2 to suit the project?

A. When the project's progress will be reviewed
B. Which of the six tolerance areas will be included
C. Which primary stakeholder interests will be represented
D. When the project's outputs will be delivered

6) Which statement about the 'continued business justification' principle is CORRECT?

A. The justification for compulsory projects does not need approval
B. There must be no change to the reasons for a project
C. A formal business case document is mandatory
D. The chosen option must provide value for money

7) Which regular report provides the project board with a summary of stage status?

A. Lessons report
B. Product status account
C. Highlight report
D. Checkpoint report

8) Which statement about the project support role is CORRECT?

A. It can be performed by the project manager
B. It is an optional role for a PRINCE2 project
C. It produces checkpoint reports for the project manager
D. It can be combined with the project assurance role

9) What must be produced, as a minimum requirement for applying the plans theme?

A. A hierarchy of all the products to be produced during a plan
B. A record of the issues that are being formally managed during a plan
C. A diagram showing the sequence of production of the planned products
D. A record of the major risks relating to the project plan

10) Which is a purpose of a project brief?

A. To capture lessons from previous projects
B. To document a common understanding of the starting point for the project
C. To confirm that the project is able to deliver the detailed business case
D. To define the quality techniques to be applied during the project

11) Which is an objective of the 'managing product delivery' process?

A. To sign off completed work packages
B. To ensure that the business case is kept under review
C. To report progress to the project board
D. To ensure that work on products is authorized

12) ) In which process are team plans produced?

A. Initiating a project
B. Controlling a stage
C. Managing a stage boundary
D. Managing product delivery

13) How is the 'learn from experience' principle applied?

A. By reviewing the management of previous projects
B. By defining the customer's expectations of the project's products
C. By defining cost tolerances for project objectives
D. By delegating responsibilities to a different level of management

14) Which product is a time-driven control?

A. End stage report
B. Exception report
C. Checkpoint report
D. Lessons report

15) When should the project board request a decision from corporate, programme management or customer?

A. When the stage requires resources
B. If it is forecast that project level tolerance will be exceeded
C. If the senior supplier or senior user needs to be changed
D. When any request for change needs to be approved

16) Which is a reason why the 'defined roles and responsibilities' principle must be applied?

A. Because each project will have unique outputs
B. Because more than one function may be involved in the project
C. Because projects may have duplicated or inconsistent objectives
D. Because stages provide senior management with control points

17) Which process is triggered by the project manager's request to initiate a project?

A. Starting up a project
B. Initiating a project
C. Directing a project
D. Managing a stage boundary

18) Which is an objective of the 'starting up a project' process?

A. To confirm that there are no known restrictions that would prevent the project from being delivered
B. To ensure that all team managers understand their responsibilities
C. To obtain approval for the project plan from corporate, programme management or customer
D. To prepare the project initiation documentation for authorization to initiate the project

19) Which principle is being applied when a project product description is produced?

A. Continued business justification
B. Focus on products
C. Learn from experience
D. Manage by stages

20) Which is a minimum requirement for applying the risk theme?

A. A risk breakdown structure must be created
B. A risk budget must be established for managing risks
C. Identified threats and opportunities must be documented
D. Risk checklists must be used to ensure risks are identified

21) Which statements apply to a stage plan?

1. It is produced for the project during the 'initiating a project' process
2. It is produced close to the time when the planned events will take place
3. It provides the basis for day-to-day control by the project manager
4. It provides the basis for control by the project board
A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 3 and 4
D. 1 and 4

22) Which is a purpose of the benefits management approach?

A. To document the justification for undertaking a project
B. To summarize project performance to date for the project board to decide what action to take next
C. To provide a schedule for measuring the achievement of benefits
D. To provide the reasons for the project, to put into the business case

23) Which is assumed to be the customer's responsibility in the PRINCE2 customer/supplier environment?

A. To specify the desired result
B. To provide the skills to deliver the desired result
C. To ensure the technical integrity of a project
D. To develop the project's products

24) Which is a purpose of the risk management approach?

A. To define the techniques to be used when assessing project risks
B. To summarize exposure to strategic, programme, project and operational risks
C. To recommend responses for each of the project risks
D. To identify suitable risk owners for each of the project risks

25) Which management product should always be updated when a product fails its quality check?

A. Risk register
B. Issue register
C. Quality register
D. Lessons log

26) Identify the missing words in the following sentence.
The purpose of the [ ? ] process is to establish solid foundations for the project.

A. initiating a project
B. managing product delivery
C. directing a project
D. managing a stage boundary

27) Which two statements about tailoring are CORRECT?

1. Processes can be simplified or carried out in more detail.
2. Terminology can be changed to suit organizational standards.
3. Themes that are not relevant to the project can be excluded.
4. Project management team members can carry out any combination of roles.
A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 3 and 4
D. 1 and 4

28) Which type of issue should be raised if a new product is required after a team has started work?

A. A request for change
B. An off-specification
C. A problem
D. A concern

29) Which characteristic distinguishes a project from regular business operations?

A. It produces benefits
B. It introduces business change
C. It manages stakeholders
D. It incurs cost

30) Which process is used by a team manager to coordinate work on one or more of the project's products?

A. Initiating a project
B. Controlling a stage
C. Managing a stage boundary
D. Managing product delivery

31) Who does the senior user represent when making decisions?

A. The people or organizations that design the project's products
B. Corporate, programme management or customer
C. Project delivery teams
D. The people or organizations that benefit from using the project’s product

32) What is an output?

A. Any of the project's specialist products
B. The result of the change derived from using the project's products
C. The measurable improvement resulting from an outcome
D. A negative outcome

33) What is established within the 'initiating a project' process?

A. The different ways that the project product can be delivered
B. The formats for communicating project information to stakeholders
C. That all of the information to develop the project brief is available
D. That any constraints which could affect the project have been removed

34) Which roles CANNOT be combined with the role of project assurance?

1. Project manager
2. Project support
3. Senior user
4. Executive
A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 3 and 4
D. 1 and 4

35) What must the project board do, as a minimum requirement for applying the change theme?
A. Establish a change budget

B. Request a product status account
C. Define a change authority
D. Agree acceptable corrective actions

36) Which statement describes a threat to a project?

A. An uncertain event that could have a negative impact on objectives
B. An uncertain event that could have a favourable impact on objectives
C. An event that has occurred resulting in a negative impact on objectives
D. An event that has occurred resulting in a favourable impact on objectives

37) Which aspect of project performance must be managed in order to have a clear understanding of what the project is to deliver?

A. Timescale B. Scope
C. Risk
D. Costs

38) Which is one of the four integrated elements within PRINCE2?

A. Quality
B. Role descriptions
C. Processes
D. Product descriptions

39) What should be provided by corporate, programme management or customer before the 'starting up a project' process commences?

A. A project brief with details outlining the project approach
B. Sufficient information to identify the prospective executive
C. The project initiation documentation
D. Authority to initiate a project

40) How is the 'manage by exception' principle applied?

A. By dividing the project into a minimum of two management stages
B. By setting controls to warn the higher level of management of potential problems
C. By ensuring that the project continues to be desirable, viable and achievable
D. By providing lessons so that mistakes made in previous projects do not happen

41) Which is a responsibility of the managing level within the project management team?

A. To set project-level tolerances
B. To approve the stage completion of each stage
C. To ensure that the products are produced within the constraints agreed with the project board
D. To appoint the roles in project management team

42) What is a risk cause?

A. A negative consequence of a threat occurring
B. An area of uncertainty that could create a problem
C. A positive consequence of an exploited opportunity
D. A known situation which creates uncertainty

43) Which is a purpose of the 'closing a project' process?

A. To inform the project board that the final stage is about to start
B. To provide a fixed point at which acceptance of the project product is confirmed
C. To provide the project board with sufficient information to confirm continued business justification
D. To define the handover procedures for the project's products

44) Which is a benefit of applying the 'manage by stages' principle?

A. The project management team will understand the tolerances allowed
B. The project management team will understand the customer's expectations
C. The project will have review and decision points so that progress can be assessed
D. The key stakeholders in the project will have representation on the project board

45) Which is a benefit of using PRINCE2?

A. It provides established and proven best practice and governance for project management
B. It includes techniques for critical path analysis and earned value analysis
C. It enables a project manager to be accountable for the success of a project
D. It prevents any changes after the scope of a project has been agreed

46) Which is an objective of the 'closing a project' process?

A. To check that all the project's products have been accepted by the users
B. To prepare for the final stage of the project
C. To capture the customer’s quality expectations
D. To ensure that all benefits have been achieved

47) What must be used, as a minimum requirement for applying the progress theme?

A. Stage authorization
B. Highlight reporting
C. Work package authorization
D. Checkpoint reporting

48) What must be recorded in the quality management approach, as a minimum requirement for applying the quality theme?

A. The quality tools and techniques to be used
B. The project's approach to quality planning
C. The approach to managing project assurance
D. The definition of the quality records required

49) Which is a purpose of the 'directing a project' process?

A. To provide the information required to initiate a project
B. To enable overall control of a project by the project board
C. To establish the level of control required after initiation
D. To provide sufficient information to approve the next stage plan

50) Identify the missing words in the following sentence.
PRINCE2 requires that the business justification is formally verified by [ ? ] at stage boundaries.

A. corporate, programme management or customer
B. the project board
C. project support
D. the change authority

51) Which is a purpose of the organization theme?

A. To set the tolerance on the cost of resources
B. To plan the training needed for the delivery of the project
C. To define the structure of accountability and responsibilities on the project
D. To implement the controls required to manage by exception

52) Which is a purpose of the change theme?

A. To prevent changes to what was agreed in the project initiation documentation
B. To ensure any potential changes to baselined products are controlled
C. To assess and control a project's threats and opportunities
D. To identify changes needed to the project as a result of acting on lessons

53) Identify the missing word in the following sentence.
Quality [ ? ] defines the type of quality methods the project will use.

A. assurance
B. control
C. planning D. tolerance

54) Which is a purpose of the 'starting up a project' process?

A. To ensure that the prerequisites for initiating the project are in place
B. To establish whether the project plan can meet the required target dates
C. To assemble the project initiation documentation so the project can be initiated
D. To confirm to corporate, programme management or customer that quality expectations will be met

55) Which statement about management stages is CORRECT?

A. A project can be scheduled without management stages
B. There can be more than one delivery step within a management stage
C. Several management stages can be scheduled to run at the same time
D. Delivery steps and management stages should end together

56) Which is a purpose of the quality theme?

A. To define how the project will ensure that its products are fit for purpose
B. To define the procedures for the control and modification of project products
C. To establish mechanisms to judge whether the project remains desirable and achievable
D. To enable the assessment of continuing project viability

57) Which is an objective of the 'managing a stage boundary' process?

A. To enable the project board to commit resources and expenditure required for the initiation stage
B. To review and, if necessary, update the project initiation documentation
C. To act as a break between those managing the project and those creating products
D. To ensure a periodic review is carried out to approve the products created within the completed stage

58) Which is a task of 'defining and analyzing products'?

A. Design the plan
B. Create the product flow diagram
C. Analyze the risks
D. Prepare the schedule

59) Which activity can take place within the 'managing a stage boundary' process?

A. Produce highlight reports
B. Take corrective action within stage tolerances
C. Produce an exception plan
D. Authorize a stage plan for the next stage

60) What does the 'initiating a project' process provide?

A. Information for the project board to decide if the project is aligned to business objectives
B. Approval from the project board to proceed with the project, if it is worthwhile
C. Approval from the project manager for work to be started by delivery teams
D. Definition of the suppliers' obligations for controlling the work package delivery



Q1=B, Q2=D, Q3=C, Q4=D, Q5=A, Q6=D, Q7=C, Q8=A, Q9=A, Q10=B
Q11=D, Q12=D, Q13=?, Q14=?, Q15=?, Q16=B, Q17=C, Q18=A, Q19=B, Q20=C
Q21=B, Q22=C, Q23=A, Q24=A, Q25=C, Q26=A, Q27=A, Q28=A, Q29=B, Q30=D
Q31=D, Q32=A, Q33=D, Q34=A, Q35=C, Q36=A, Q37=B, Q38=C, Q39=B, Q40=B
Q41=C, Q42=D, Q43=B, Q44=C, Q45=A, Q46=A, Q47=A, Q48=C, Q49=B, Q50=B
Q51=C, Q52=B, Q53=C, Q54=A, Q55=B, Q56=A, Q57=B, Q58=B, Q59=C, Q60=A