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Subject: Studying for the PRINCE2 Foundation course

  • Learner: Luc Vigato
  • By: Frank Turley
  • Date: December 2018

Q1: Why did you decide on doing the PRINCE2 Foundation course and exam?

A1: I'm now software developer since 20 years, and I want to take that experience from many domains and to convert to a Project Manager. My employer also supported me for this course which was great to have.

Q2: What was your PM experience?

A2: As developer I did have the chance to lead some small projects where I used my own common sense to run these projects. Since Feb. 2018 I have had the chance to implement Scrum in some small software projects. We did 4 sprints with 4 weeks for every project. The head of department was a bit sceptical at the start, but after 2 sprints he started to see the advantages of Scrum.

Q3: How did your PM experience help you to prepare for the exam?

A3: Nothing helped me. As I never used a real project management method. Only delivery and progress was known.

Q4: Which training material did you use to study?

A4: Online course from and the book "Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® 2017 Edition but I did find the official manual difficult to read. MPLAZA also provided a PRINCE2 Foundation booklet which was both easy to read and covered the PRINCE2 Foundation syllabus.

Q5: Which concepts did you find the hardest to understand?

A5: The hardest was to memories all the minimum requirements.

Q6: Which concepts did you find the easiest to understand?

A6: The easiest was the progress and the delivery process, as from a developer point of view I see that from day to day.

Q7: What was your study schedule?

A7: My schedule was max 3 month learning, but I did it in two months Everyday from Mondays to Friday, 40 mins of studying.

Q8: How did you were ready for the exams?

A8: When I reached 88% at the PRINCC2 Foundation online simulator.

Q9: How did you practice the exam questions?

A9: I viewed twice the online course and read one time the book, and repeated many times the online simulator. Which was a great help to memories all the subjects without making flashcards. Once reached 80% I took the two sample paper exams.

Q10: What would you do different if you had to repeat the whole exercise again?

A10: Nothing


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