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You can imagine what happens when a product is not correctly described. All project stakeholders can have different ideas on what the product should be. This can cause many unnecessary meetings, time delays, unnecessary new requirements, misunderstanding of the quality required, additional costs and even an end product that is of no use to anybody.

A detailed Product Description will guide the project, build correct expectations, and help to deliver the required products. The PRINCE2 manual states the following: “A PRINCE2 project focuses on the definition and delivery of products, in particular, their quality requirements.”

A good Product Description provides clarity, as it defines the product’s purpose, composition, derivation, format, quality criteria and quality method. A good Product Description also makes it easier to determine resource requirements, dependencies, and activities.

The Focus on Products principle states that a Product Description should be written as soon and as clear as possible in the project, so that all stakeholders will have a clear idea of what to expect. The Plans theme supports the Focus on Products principle as Product Descriptions are created as part of Product-Based Planning.


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